The fighting in Jabaliya
The fighting in JabaliyaIDF

The 460th Brigade is fighting in the heart of Jabaliya with several armored combat battalions, infantry, and engineering forces.

The forces destroyed over one hundred terrorist infrastructures and located and destroyed tunnels and combat complexes used by Hamas. In the last few days, Israeli forces have located dozens of weapons, explosives, rockets, mortar shells, and more.

During the engagements, Israeli forces arrested a terrorist who surrendered in the field. The terrorist was quickly interrogated by a field investigator from Unit 504 who obtained valuable intelligence on weapon caches in the area from him.

The forces raided the weapon caches under the guidance of the terrorist. In the compound, the fighters located and destroyed communications equipment, IEDs, hand grenades, Kalashnikov rifles, and additional sabotage and combat equipment.

The combat team fighters are fighting against terrorist squads hiding under civilian guise and firing anti-tank missiles at them from schools. They located dozens of weapons hidden in UNRWA sacks in a school.