Nitzan Alon
Nitzan AlonIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Major General Nitzan Alon, the IDF envoy to negotiations aimed at freeing hostages held in Gaza, criticized the government in closed conversations with IDF officers.

According to a report on Channel 12 News, Alon said, "We are frustrated, there will be no deal with the make up of this government. The deal I am pushing for will include the gradual return of all the hostages, and Hamas insists that it include the end of the fighting. I told the Prime Minister that it would be possible to return to fighting at any given moment."

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit responded to the report and said, "Major General Nitzan Alon is working under the guidance of the political echelon to return the hostages. The quotes were taken out of context."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Office said that "while Prime Minister Netanyahu has time and again given the negotiating team an extensive mandate to release our hostages, Sinwar continues to demand the end of the war, the withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip and leaving Hamas intact, so that it can carry out the atrocities of October 7 again and again."

"Prime Minister Netanyahu vehemently opposes this. The briefings from the negotiating team only toughen Hamas' position, hurt the families and make the release of our hostages more distant."

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir responded, "Nitzan Alon does not recognize the authority of the Israeli government to determine the policy of victory against Hamas."

"Also, if Nitzan Alon has a problem with the composition of the government, he has a problem with the democratic system in which the people choose their representatives, and in which the military elements are subordinate to the political echelon, and not the other way around. In light of his serious remarks, he must not continue in his position - and the Prime Minister and Defense Minister must order the termination of his position," added Ben Gvir.