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Anti-Semitism is again raging like a wildfire throughout the world, this time raising its ugly head due to the one and only Jewish nation having the audacity to defend itself. In these circumstances it was only a matter of time before the centuries old blood libel of Jews Killed Jesus came to the fore. This time it was in the comments by two Christian Members of the US Congress (Greene and Gaetz) while discussing various aspects of an Act before Congress.

While Reps. Greene & Gaetz fervently believe in the veracity of the New Testament, what is appalling is the response by certain non-rabbinic Jewish leaders to this accusation of deicide. They pathetically quote the Catholic Church’s Nostra Aetate adopted in 1965 that not all (apparently just some) Jews were responsible for the death of the Christian Messiah. How gracious of the Christian world to issue an edict that not all Jews are collectively and eternally guilty of the death of the their Lord.

Much of Jewish leadership worldwide is forever on its knees in this dialogue because they know absolutely nothing of the New Testament and its inherent contradictions and therefore are left to forever mutter and mumble words to the effect that many Christian groups have expunged this accusation of deicide from their teachings. To which I say, this is not the point. The vast majority of Jews are pathetic in their ignorance. They know absolutely nothing of the New Testament and are therefore not even remotely able to counter it.

To fill this void here are just some historical perspectives which I hope will be read and retained by most Jews and passed on.

First and foremost, Jews killed nobody. The Republic of Rome 2,000 years ago would never have tolerated anyone in its midst being proclaimed as King of the Jews. Under Roman law, calls for a monarchy within the Republic would have been a treasonable offence punishable by death. It was not an issue for the Sanhedrin, as Christian theology would want us to believe.

The supposed actions of the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate as described in the New Testament, was a major contributing factor in the anti-Semitism we see today. Christianity teaches that at Passover there was a Roman custom whereby one prisoner scheduled for crucifixion would be pardoned. The same narrative goes on to say that when given the choice of who to free, the Jewish mob cried out for Barabbas. Then, according to the Christian Gospels, Pilate freed Barabbas and followed this with the hand washing scene thereby exonerating himself for the death of the Christ (literally the anointed one) and so starting the beginnings of anti-Semitism spread so successfully down the centuries to the present day.

Unfortunately, according to the writings of the noted Roman historian Josephus, there was never any Roman custom to pardon anyone scheduled for crucifixion. If this is so, then this story is a myth fabricated by the early Church to blame someone else, not the Roman authorities, for the death. Who better to blame than Jews.

Before entering into any religious dialogue with Christian groups, Jews need to be aware of the inconsistencies in the New Testament.

First and foremost, Jews gave the world through the Torah (written over a thousand years before the birth of Christianity) the concept of a Messiah.

The Christian doctrine of divinity taking on human form (Father, Son & Holy Ghost) is considered idolatrous by the Torah.

Secondly, at the Messiah’s arrival, he will bring forth peace on earth.

In spite of the fact that there has been no peace on this planet for over 2,000 years, the early Church developed the concept of the Second Coming. That is, Jesus will come again and fix what he didn’t do the first time, that is, bring peace. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the biblical prophecy of the Torah (Old Testament as Gentiles refer to it) that someone will turn up, fail to deliver worldwide peace, but will be resurrected and come again to get it right.

Christianity has over the centuries commandeered parts of the Torah as its own.

Following are just a few examples:

All 150 Psalms are Jewish and written well before the birth of Christianity.

All references to Lord were to the Lord God of Israel.

At Christian services the 23rd Psalm is often quoted: The Lord is my Shepherd……

But one has to wonder how many in the congregation realise that the Lord referenced here is to the Lord God of Israel and not Jesus Christ?

Similarly at the recent coronation of King Charles, the Church of England blessed his ascendancy to the Throne with the following Jewish blessing.

The Lord Bless you and Keep Watch over you

The Lord make his face shine upon you and be kind to you.

The Lord bestow favour upon you and grant you peace.

Again, one has to wonder how many in the congregation present or watching the ceremony worldwide realised that the Lord referenced here is the Lord God of Israel and not Jesus? In reality, this prayer itself specifically represents God’s blessings on the Israelites while in the desert.

In conclusion, while the scourge of anti-Semitism will apparently never be extinguished, I hope this brief Op-Ed will give Jews the ability to counter the blood libel and other falsehoods when engaged in theological debate or when countering attempts to convert them to Christianity.

It is time Jews got up off their knees and fought the blood libel head on.To be successful in this endeavour, woke Diaspora Jews need to go back to their roots, attend Synagogue services and come to grips with their religion and heritage.

Gil Solomon is a retired Finance Manager