The harrowing video showing the abduction to Gaza of seven IDF lookouts on October 7 was screened on Friday at Times Square in New York.

The three-minute video, which was released on Wednesday, shows lookouts Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniela Gilboa, and Naama Levy before Hamas kidnapped them to Gaza.

The video clip was filmed by the bodycams of the October 7 terrorists. It has been edited and censored, and does not contain segments which are inappropriate, such as the many murders at the Nahal Oz base, the bodies of those murdered in the bomb shelter from which the lookouts were kidnapped, and many horrific violent scenes.

A total of 15 young women were murdered at the Nahal Oz base, and seven others were abducted to Gaza still alive.

Ori Megidish, who was rescued by IDF forces after just 23 days in captivity, was among those kidnapped. Noa Marciano was also among those kidnapped from the base, and she was murdered in captivity. Her body was recovered by the IDF and she was given a burial in Israel.

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