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A bakery in Australia sparked furious reactions online after selling a "Hamas cake" for a four-year-old's birthday. The cake featured a picture of Hamas spokesman Abu Obaida along with the Palestinian flag.

The bakery, named Oven Bakery by Fu Fu posted the cake on social media with the birthday child beside it, wearing a kaffiyeh and military attire.

After the photo was posted, the bakery received furious reactions on social media which eventually led it to close its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The head of the Australian Jewish Association, Robert Gregory, joined the protest against the bakery and said that extremism among young Muslims in the country is a threat not only to Jews but to all of Australia. In an interview with Sky News, Gregory said that the influence of extremist Islamic organizations among Muslims in Australia might be related to recent attacks.

Chris Minns, the premier of New South Wales in Australia, responded to the publications saying that the images were "horrifying". In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Minns said "Hamas is an evil terrorist organization. Kids ’ parties should be innocent and fun, not hateful.''

Numerous media outlets report having received no response to requests for comment from the bakery.