soldiers in Gaza
soldiers in GazaIDF spokesperson

The IDF continues operational activity in Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip.

During targeted raids on terrorist infrastructure in the area, the troops eliminated dozens of terrorists and destroyed launch posts and underground tunnel shafts. The troops also located numerous weapons including explosive devices, mortar shells, AK-47 rifles, sniper rifles, and others.

IDF troops are continuing operations against terror targets in the area of Rafah. Throughout the past day, as part of searches in the area, the troops destroyed weapon storage facilities, as well as tunnel shafts and additional terrorist infrastructure.

IDF activity also continues in the central Gaza Strip, where during the past day a terrorist cell that fired launches at IDF soldiers was eliminated in a joint aerial and ground forces strike. Simultaneously, a number of enemy spotters that were identified near IDF forces were eliminated in aerial and tank fire. In another activity, a terrorist that fired mortars at the soldiers was eliminated.

Last night (Thursday), two projectile launches that were identified crossing from Gaza City fell in open areas. An IAF aircraft struck and destroyed the launch post.