UAVYossi Aloni/Flash 90

A UAV that approached northern Israel from the east was successfully intercepted by an IAF fighter jet outside of Israeli territory early Friday morning, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said.

During the interception attempts, shrapnel fell in northern Israel, causing a fire in the area of Tzfat. No injuries were reported, and the incident is under review.

Following the interception, the pro-Iranian militias in Iraq claimed to have fired a UAV towards the Port of Haifa.

On Thursday evening, two suspicious aerial targets that approached the city of Eilat from the east were successfully intercepted by IAF fighter jets.

The targets did not cross into Israeli territory, and no sirens were sounded in accordance with protocol.

Before that, sirens sounded in northern Israel regarding a hostile aircraft infiltration.

The IDF said that two UAVs were identified crossing from Lebanese territory. IAF fighter jets successfully intercepted one of the UAVs, and the other fell in the area of Kiryat Shmona. No injuries were reported.