Hundreds of students in graduation robes walked out of the Harvard commencement on Thursday chanting “Free, free Palestine”, The Associated Press reported.

The incident follows weeks of protests on campus and a day after the school announced that 13 Harvard students who participated in a protest encampment would not be able to receive diplomas alongside their classmates.

Some students chanted “Let them walk, let them walk” during Thursday’s commencement, referring to allowing those 13 students to get their diplomas along with fellow graduates.

Those in the encampment had called for a ceasefire in Gaza and for Harvard to divest from companies that support the war.

The anti–Israel protesters voluntarily took down their tents last week after university officials agreed to discuss their questions about the endowment.

The anti-Israel encampment at Harvard was one of many that have been set up at campuses across the US in recent weeks.

Some of the anti-Israel encampments at universities have been taken down by police officers, while others have been cleared voluntarily following agreements with the administrations.

On Tuesday, police broke up a pro-Palestinian Arab encampment at the University of Michigan, arresting at least four people.

Later, the Los Angeles Police Department removed a pro-Palestinian Arab encampment at the University of Southern California, pushing several dozen people out of the campus gates.