Agam Berger
Agam BergerCourtesy of the family

Shlomi Berger, father of IDF lookout Agam Berger who was kidnapped to Gaza by Hamas terrorists on October 7, said on Thursday evening that the time has come to end the war as part of a deal with Hamas which would see the release of all the hostages.

Speaking to Radio Kol Chai, Berger said that, in a different situation, Hamas could have been defeated militarily. "They were only able to hold the first round of negotiations when they brought Hamas to its knees. You have to fight with strength."

"If they had fought properly, the families would have been certain that the hostages would return, but unfortunately this is not the case. The deal in question now is really bad, but the next deal will be even worse," he added.

He stressed, "I am in favor of agreeing to the condition of the cessation of hostilities. My daughter's blood is worth it. After the release of all the hostages there will be enough reasons to resume fighting."

Commenting on the video showing the IDF lookouts before they were kidnapped, which was made public on Wednesday, Berger said, "In the video that was published last night, the kidnapped girls are seen handcuffed for several hours, as they are being forced to see before their eyes their friends who were murdered. For hours the terrorists conducted themselves calmly and without pressure. While the terrorists stayed at the base, they did not harm other people. It's a great disaster but also a great miracle."

He added, "Agam Goldstein, a citizen who returned from captivity, gave us greetings from our Agam. It was a moving sign of life. We are counting every minute that they are in captivity."