Elizabeth Pipko
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The Republican National Committee (RNC) has appointed Elizabeth Pipko, a young, Jewish New Yorker with Ivy League credentials, as its newest spokesperson. Many may see this decision as a strategic one; part of the GOP's broader effort to diversify its image and strengthen ties with the U.S.-Israel community ahead of the pivotal upcoming election.

At the time of Pipko’s hiring, RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump underscored the importance of Pipko's role, telling the NY Post, "At a time when patriotism among young Americans sits at record lows, we are fortunate to have great Americans like Elizabeth Pipko on our team — she will help to inspire the next generation, rebuild the grand old party, and bring our country back."

Trump’s focus on patriotism is especially important these days, as Gallup polling reflects that pride in being American currently sits at record lows. Pipko herself has made her thoughts on the matter clear. As a first-generation American Pipko does not shy away from the issue.

“I believe that we live in the greatest country on the face of the earth. I had the privilege of being born to immigrant parents who made sure that I understood that fact. I know it is vital that I share that message,” she said.

Pipko, whose background includes substantial advocacy work on the pro-Israel front, began her political career on Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. What followed that were years of media commentary, as well as work with several political and nonprofit organizations. Her advocacy work has also taken her into the cultural front. Following the massacre on October 7th, Pipko released a clothing line, donating a portion of sales to the victims, and last month she spoke with OK! Magazine about her new project, executive producing a film about Israel’s war of independence.

Last year, the Algemeiner journal named Pipko on its annual list of the 100 people most influential to Jewish life worldwide.

In recent weeks, Pipko has been incredibly vocal about the pro-Palestinian protests and encampments which have taken over many of our college campuses. In an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity last week, she stated bluntly, “We have failed to teach our next generation right from wrong.”

Pipko holds a unique perspective on the issue both as a Jewish American and as someone who holds degrees from both Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania.

"The power of peacefully protesting is vital, but once those protests turn into chants of 'death to America' or 'Hamas we love you,' we must all admit we have a huge problem," she explained.

Pipko's appointment comes at a time when the GOP is navigating complex cultural and ideological challenges, aiming to appeal to a wider electorate they would need to secure a victory in November. This includes appealing to those that have not typically aligned with conservative policies or the GOP.

One group in that category would be Jewish Americans. Historically, the majority of Jewish Americans have aligned with the Democratic Party. A Pew Research Center survey released last month showed 69% of Jewish Americans leaning Democratic, while 29% aligned Republican.

The Jewish vote will be a significant focus of both political camps as they put their efforts into the swing states necessary to sway the election. Several of the swing states both candidates need to ensure a victory in 2024 include states where the Jewish population exceeds the margin of victory in 2020.

One example is in Pennsylvania, the swing state with the largest Jewish population, and a state that Joe Biden won by roughly 80,000 votes in 2020.

Major Jewish group, the Republican Jewish Coalition, announced last Thursday its pledge to raise at least $5 million for former President Trump’s reelection campaign, calling it the organization’s “largest effort” to shore up Jewish support.

After Pipko’s position was announced, RJC political director Sam Markstein applauded the hiring.

“Amazing hire by the GOP, elevating a key pro-Israel Jewish voice on the national stage.“ He referred to Pipko as one “of the most impressive communications professionals in politics” in his post.

Though many would associate Pipko’s brand and views with Judaism, she affirms that she sees things differently.

“My faith guides me in everything I do. I was born to parents who were former Jewish refugees. I feel the generations which came before me in my soul. That being said, I understand it can be a little confusing, especially in this new role, but I hope people never conflate my faith and my work.” Pipko asserts, for example, that she supports the State of Israel not simply as a proud Jew, but as an American.

“Supporting Israel is in the best interest of the United States. A strong relationship with Israel is vital to American security, including protecting the US from terror here at home.”

Pipko’s role will be critical in articulating and promoting the GOP's goals and policy positions, especially those concerning U.S.-Israel relations. Pipko's unique background, career, and dynamic approach to politics symbolize the GOP's commitment to integrating diverse voices in shaping the future of the party. Her efforts underscore a pivotal shift in the party’s outreach strategies, as it seeks to reaffirm its core values while expanding its appeal across a changing American demographic landscape.

Linda Sadacka is CEO of the New York Jewish Council, a writer, speaker, and political strategist. Honored with the Simcha Felder Woman of Distinction Award, she advocates for the global Jewish community and has garnered a following of over 50k on Instagram (@LindaAdvocate).