Oketz canine and handler
Oketz canine and handlerIDF Spokesperson

An IDF force that raided a new area in the Gaza Strip requested a canine from the Oketz Unit to locate explosives.

According to a report by Kan News military correspondent Roy Sharon, the IDF refused to supply a canine. The soldiers went on the raid anyway and were hit by an IED planted by Hamas, which killed several.

The next day the forces received the dog, but for the soldiers who were killed, it was too late. The division commander in charge of the force is investigating the incident.

The IDF is working to increase the amount of canines in the Oketz Unit. During the war, nearly 30 canines were killed. The dogs identified hundreds of explosives and saved many soldiers' lives.

The IDF Spokesperson commented on the report: "The incident is under investigation, and when it's over the findings will be given to the families." According to the military, "The Oketz Unit has limited resources which are utilized in all fronts of combat and are assigned to various tasks. The decisions on the matter are made per operational necessity."