IDF forces in Jenin
IDF forces in JeninIDF spokesperson

At the end of an operation that lasted 40 hours in Jenin, IDF, Shin Bet and Shin Bet forces eliminated or wounded dozens of terrorists.

The soldiers destroyed terrorist infrastructure and exposed explosives that were planted within roads and were intended to harm Israeli troops. In addition, an IED laboratory was located and a large amount of military equipment and ammunition was confiscated.

During the operation, 11 terrorists were killed and 21 were injured. The forces destroyed 16 explosive devices and captured a large amount of ammunition, over 30 cartridges, 3 M16 assault rifles, dozens of weapon parts, 3 M4 assault weapons, and more.

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi held a situational assessment in the Jenin area yesterday and spoke with the forces participating in the counterterror operation in the city. In addition, he held a tour of the border in the area of the Menashe Brigade.

"Counterterrorism must happen all the time, and going to the difficult places, and realizing that there is no place that is a safe haven," Halevi said. "We'll reach every hiding place, whether it be in a house or a hospital. Wherever there are terrorists, we will know how to initiate and arrive and attack before they reach us so that they do not create a permanent infrastructure or advance their capabilities to attack us here."