Abdallah, the son
Abdallah, the sonFrom the video

The British Daily Mail on Thursday published footage and transcripts from the interrogation of terrorists Jamal Hussein Ahmad Radi, 47, and his son Abdallah, 18, who admitted that they raped and murdered women during the October 7th massacre.

In addition, they admitted to abducting and murdering other innocent civilians.

Jamal, a father of seven and member of the Hamas Security Service, was captured in March in Gaza.

During the recorded interrogation, he described how he, his son, and other terrorists infiltrated Kibbutz Nir Oz near the Gaza Border: "In each house where we found someone, we either killed them or kidnapped them."

The father and son duo went on to describe how they, together with their cousin, took turns violating a female victim, before murdering her.

The son, Abdallah, then remorselessly confessed to raping several other women and murdering others. "Before this woman, we had raped another girl as well, I killed two people, I raped two people, and I broke into five houses."

Commenting on the confessions video an IDF spokesperson told MailOnline: "Over the past months, we've seen countless evidence of the brutal violence used by Hamas on October 7th, including harrowing acts of gender-based and sexual violence.

"These confessions further prove that any attempt to deny the horrors of October 7th, and discredit the testimonies of witnesses, survivors, and freed hostages, is part of a campaign to de-legitimize Israel, and to promote the justification of terrorism."

The spokesperson added that both father and son were in custody awaiting trial.