Moshe Dovid
Moshe Dovidצילום: Courtesy of the family

Readers around the world have been moved this week by the emotional story of Moshe Dovid Ehrlich, a heart-melting boy who lost both of his parents at a young age. If Moshe Dovid’s story had ended there, it would have been tragic enough.

But in his case, the story isn’t quite over.

It’s been some years since his parents passed, and Moshe Dovid now suffers from several diseases and disorders, as an orphan, he does not have the financial means to help himself. The treatments cost an estimated 50,000 shekel and he has absolutely no means to pay for it. The case has reached Rabbi Naftali Nussbaum, who has filmed a heartfelt video on Moshe’s behalf:

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Donations are being collected here to help Moshe Dovid, who is courageously battling for his health on his own. Readers can be like parents to Moshe Dovid and hold his hand throughout this entire difficult ordeal by showing him a beautiful show of support here>>>