Israeli President Isaac Herzog spoke with journalist Piers Morgan on Wednesday and noted Israel’s objection to the announcement that nations in Europe intend to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian State.

President Herzog told Mr. Morgan, “These are futile steps that won't help any progress in the region and are adverse to the basic challenges, meaning an adverse to the ability to release the hostages, they can be deemed as an award actually to Hamas and I've expressed these opinions to the leaders of these respective states. Because what one says is, because of a war that was brutally waged by Hamas, by raping, burning, chopping, abducting Israelis, all of a sudden the world rushes, a few nations in the world are rushing to declare a Palestinian state, when there are no boundaries, no nothing that you can make a Palestinian state. In order to reach any possible path for the future, there must be negotiations by the two sides. And I think that this step is actually adverse to the real purpose and trajectory of moving towards peace in our region.”

He noted Hamas had waged a brutal war against Israel and that, “There is a big argument in Israel regarding the capability or the acceptance of the idea of a Palestinian state, because following October 7, in Israel, the deep feeling is that the neighbors that everybody promised us will be peaceful neighbors have attacked us in a brutal way and killed and butchered and raped and abducted first and foremost the biggest supporters of peace in Israel. So there is also a national feeling that there is no trust – and in order to move to any possible future there must be first and foremost trust. These are the issues we must deal with the first before throwing declarations written in foreign offices here or there which served perhaps internal political pressures in some countries, but in the end, it won't help any Palestinian or any Israeli for that matter.”

On the issue of the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, President Herzog said, “We have to tell your viewers that first and foremost that this announcement by the prosecutor has been carried out in bad faith. We agreed to have a dialogue and bring the prosecutor to Israel, and his chief of staff was supposed to land in Israel at 6 pm, two days ago, and all of a sudden, he rescinded his visit, and the announcement came out. And it shocked all of us because we acted in good faith, and we are waiting to have a dialogue with any international body that is relevant and honest.”

The President stressed that, “A state that is democratic, and has a very strong law enforcement arm, and can adjudicate and investigate and judge, then that nation is exempt from any steps by the International Criminal Court. Israel, of course, knows how to do it.” He stressed, “We are a law-abiding nation, we are a member of the family of nations, we are a democracy. And we were faced with a brutal dictatorship of a terror organization, a jihadist terrorist organization, that doesn't give a damn about the world order, that uses terror to create havoc, that burnt and raped and chopped and abducted innocent civilians that waged war against us. Therefore, this kind of equality between the two sides, the steps taken against Israel are outrageous, totally outrageous, unacceptable, and all these people around the world must object to it vehemently. Unfortunately, it shows the political nature and the rotting of some of the institutions in international court, in the international law arena.”

When asked about the decision of the UN Security Council to hold a minute’s silence for Iran’s president, President Herzog said, “When I saw the Security Council standing for a moment of silence for the person who – he and his government are pushing the biggest war machine and terror machine in the world, with terror cells all over the world through their proxies - I was shocked. I said to myself, this is a perfect example of the failure of world order post World War II. We should not forget, that a million people were butchered in Syria and the world stood idly by, by an ally of Iran. And that was the beginning of a whole cascade of wars launched because of Iran. And we now must not forget, of course, Iran's involvement in Ukraine and so many other places. Iran is the biggest threat to world stability and the world has to stand firm against Iran, and we've seen it recently with the missile attacks against Israel.”