Hagay Lober
Hagay LoberArutz Sheva

Bereaved father, Hagay Lober, in a letter to his fallen son, Yehonatan:

Hi, my sweet Yehonatan. I hope you're having fun up there. Because I am now going to spoil it for you.

Down here there is hot news: most probably your many fans who celebrated your sacrifice will soon be joined by Fatah terrorists, the heirs of mass murderer, Yasser Arafat.

They will greet you with disdain. They will happily dance on your grave. They can't believe their good fortune. They celebrated your death and now they are celebrating their success.

You are the silver platter on which the State of Palestine was given to them, because sometime back in 2007 the Hamas killers captured Gaza from the Fatah killers.

Along the way, of course, in their own way, they looted, tortured, and murdered the Fatahites, who stood before them helpless, without defense.

Until you and your friends came along and, as it turns out, fought their war and now, with your blood spread out on a red carpet, they will be able to return to the throne of power. Thanks to our stupidity.

You didn't think about that when you went out to fight, did you? When you enlisted in the army, you thought you were a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. When you said, 'now it's our turn,' you meant, ‘our turn to do our part for the State of Israel.

When you rushed forward to crush the skulls of Hamas terrorists, you were sure that it was for our sake. When you were shot and died with 'Shema Israel' on your lips, you meant it 'for the people of Israel.

So that's it. You probably didn't know that you were fighting one lot of murderers for another lot of murderers. You didn't know that your blood would be used to expand the reign of hatred to Gaza as well. You didn't know that your sacrifice was being surrendered by our ‘Friends from America' to a country that pays salaries to the murderers of your nephews Hillel and Yagel.

So, your death was not in vain, my son. Those giving out candies to celebrate your death are going to receive a larger candy in return. Thanks to your body, ‘they have murdered and also taken possession.’

And where is Elijah the Prophet? And where is the rebuke? And where is the pain of bereavement? And where is the wise and smart nation? And where? Where?