Soldiers in Gaza
Soldiers in GazaIDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit cleared for publication on Wednesday morning that an IDF soldier from Battalion 222, Carmeli Brigade, was seriously injured on Tuesday during an encounter with terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip.

The soldier was taken to a hospital for medical treatment, and his family was notified.

On Tuesday morning, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit cleared for publication that a reservist from the Rotem Battalion of the Givati Brigade was seriously injured on Monday in a battle in the southern Gaza Strip.

In addition, a reservist in the 8237th Division Logistics Brigade was seriously injured in battle in the southern Gaza Strip.

The two were evacuated to hospital and their families were informed.

On Tuesday, the IDF announced that soldiers of the 401st Brigade combat team under the 162nd Division continued the operation in Rafah. The soldiers carried out targeted raids on the terrorist infrastructure and buildings from which Hamas terrorists fired at the Israeli forces.

During this activity, the soldiers eliminated dozens of terrorists in eastern Rafah who tried to approach IDF forces.

Soldiers of the 932nd Battalion carried out an operation to destroy terrorist infrastructure. During the operation, the soldiers searched a building and located many weapons including protective equipment, explosives, weapons, anti-tank missiles, equipment and tools intended for breaching fences.

During searches in the area, the soldiers of the battalion located a tunnel shaft containing a weapons warehouse with short-range anti-tank missiles, grenades, weapons, and explosives. This warehouse was intended to be used to carry out terrorist attacks against our forces. The tunnel shaft and the weapons were destroyed.