Chief of Staff Halevi in Gaza
Chief of Staff Halevi in GazaIDF Spokesperson

Today (Tuesday), the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, met with the commanders in Jabaliya who participated in the operation to rescue the bodies of four hostages and return them for burial in Israel. The Chief of the General Staff conducted a situational assessment and tour with the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command, MG Yaron Finkelman, the Commanding Officer of the 98th Division, BG Dan Goldfus, and brigade commanders.

"We are in a war that we said from the beginning would be a prolonged one. They have entrenched themselves here for years in defense, and that won't be dismantled in a week or even a month. The mission, as the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command said, is to kill as many commanders and terrorists as possible, and to destroy the infrastructure," Halevi said.

He said, "We very much want this pressure to help us to bring back hostages alive. And we are ready to undertake dangerous and complicated operations to bring the bodies of our hostages back for burial in Israel. This has great value, and I tell you to talk to the soldiers about these things."

"We are dismantling the military wing of Hamas. We want to bring our hostages home alive, and we want to bring those who, unfortunately, are no longer alive back for burial in Israel. These are very, very important missions. The message is that even if there was a place we didn't reach last time, and now we are reaching it, no place, no matter how many explosives they put in the walls and how many shafts they booby-trapped, no place will withstand an offensive by an IDF combat team," the Chief of Staff concluded.