IDF soldiers in Gaza
IDF soldiers in GazaIDF

Numerous IDF soldiers have begun leaving graffiti messages for Ministers Yoav Gallant and Benny Gantz in buildings in Gaza.

''Gantz, shame on you for dealing with politics while we're here fighting!'' reads one message.

'Gallant, don't be afraid to ask Ofer Winter for help,'' advises another message, referring to a General recently dismissed from the IDF despite public support for his advancement. ''Your ego is killing soldiers!''

''Gallant, this isn't how you win a war. With love, the soldiers,'' one unit stated. A further messages imply demands ''Let the soldiers work!''

Comments on the collection of messages posted to Facebook note that the graffiti is likely long gone, as it is possible to see equipment for demolishing the buildings in the background of the pictures.

The IDF has reportedly issued orders that soldiers or units found to have left graffiti will be required to return to the area, including in active combat zones, and paint it over or wash it off.