Yoav Gallant יואב גלנט
Yoav Gallant יואב גלנטShachar Yurman

Einav Zangauker, mother of the hostage Matan, met with the government ministers at the end of a Likud party meeting and demanded action to recover the hostages.

She approached the Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, and asked him: ''What are you doing? We need to bring the hostages back home. It is most important that you remember Matan, the number of lives is decreasing, we can't wait until all the hostages are dead.''

She added: 'I will not accept that Matan was taken alive, he is still alive now in Gaza, and you will abandon him to death. I support you on the brave step you took regarding the Prime Minister, but I need more than that. There is no time for political dilly-dallying.''

Minister of Communication Shlomo Karhi told Einav: ''You wouldn't want the government to collapse. There would be elections, and no one would try to recover the hostages until they were finished at least.''