PLO flag in Toronto
PLO flag in TorontoIsrael National News

Eitan Cohen Halbertal, whose family resides in Toronto, has been a victim of serious bullying by pro-Palestinian Arab students who attend school with him, due to the fact that he is Jewish.

His parents, Adi and Moshe, told Kan 11 News about the difficulty of having to deal with their son’s painful experience and in the shadow of the lack of empathy within the school.

"There has been a lot of harassment here for years, the Jews here were simply afraid to retaliate. There are some who are afraid to walk around with Jewish symbols. Even at the demonstration of support for Israel that took place here, one of the mothers said that her daughter was afraid to show up for fear that she would be harassed at school," said the father.

The mother added that, in the wake of the bullying, she brought together a group of Jewish parents from the school. It was this group that decided to show support for Eitan, when they decided to accompany him to school with his head held high after the insults he suffered. "I shared the experience with them and they suggested that we accompany Eitan to school, as a show of support, so that he wouldn't feel alone."

The parents stated that they offered their son the choice of leaving the school but he is not prepared to do so. "'Dad, there are other Jews here who are afraid to act. If I leave, they will be left alone to suffer. We must stay here and fight,'" said Moshe, quoting his son.

Eitan discussed the feeling of fear he experienced. "They threatened that they would try to catch me in the hallway, kill me, things of that kind. It's difficult, it hurts, I'm very afraid. Everything has intensified since October 7."