Emergency cabinet meeting
Emergency cabinet meetingChaim Tzach / GPO

Devorah Brim Ph.D., is a psychology professor who lives in Jerusalem and writes on socio-political issues. She has a son in the IDF and additional children and grandchildren.

At the Hague, judges weigh in on whether Israel is guilty of war crimes against the savages who, less than a year ago, committed the most egregious slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust.

Meanwhile, my son recently attended the funeral of his fallen comrade from the 202 paratrooper unit, a beautiful, idealistic boy who had yet to see his 23rd birthday.

In the days to come, we need to re-envision how this war will end and what will come next.

What time has shown us is that we have, in fact, made two major errors. Not one but two.

The first was on October 7th, when hordes of blood-thirsty barbarians tore down our defense systems, infiltrated our homes and villages heavily armed, viciously slaughtered entire families and communities, and kidnapped over 200 hostages including young women, babies and holocaust survivors. All this happened on the watch of a complacent government, useless dormant military, and clueless intelligence agencies.

The second was on October 8th, when no response from Israel was followed by tepid and ineffectual responses, which showed our enemies and the world at large, that we were not strong enough or determined enough to deal the necessary blow to prevent such a recurrence. The reason? No plans were ready for conqueting the Strip and it took time to create them, reserfvists who had not been called up in ages were out of shape and it took time to retrain them.

Currently, our beautiful boys, reservist husbands and fathers, and other brave individuals are playing whack-a-mole with Arab terrorists in the Gaza Strip, in a deadly game that we will take at least a year to win because for almost two decades the people “in charge” were asleep at the helm while terrorists in the Strip accumulated weapons, built an underground spider web city, and trained in terror warfare.

When we finally did respond, the rest of the world was already in the throes of amnesia, and well-funded evil propagandists had flipped the narrative to portray terrorist Arabs as victims and Jews as genocidal colonialist aggressors. Underlying this despicable narrative are numerous hidden and not-so-hidden antisemitic perspectives including:

- Jews are required to follow a set of masochistic warfare restrictions that do not apply to any other country facing existential threat

- Jews are permitted to defend themselves from terrorists if and only if there is limited unspecified collateral damage, because Jewish civilian life is cheaper than Arab terrorist life

- When it comes to terrorist hostage-taking, Jews who have American citizenship are Israel’s problem, and are not the responsibility of their American government

- Jews are eligible to inhabit bits and pieces of their biblical homeland at the discretion of the entire western world and with the permission of the non-indigenous and fictional “Palestinian people".

So how are we going to fix all this? By doing things differently. Perhaps there is a case to be made for “tearing it all down”. Perhaps not all at once. Perhaps not in the middle of the war. Right now, what we need from our feckless and incompetent government and military leaders is for them to shut their mouths and win. We don't care what they think about Gaza after the war or about anything else. We let them stay on because we needed experience people to win that war. So win it. By any and all means (to paraphrase the woke college students' reaction to the October 7 atrocities.)

Win it, regardless of what our frenemies demand from us. The world has spoken and made it clear that Jewish lives do not matter. There are over six million Jews whose lives are now on the line. Stop arguing, posturing, blustering, threatening, apologizing, grand-standing, capitulating, kowtowing, and so on.

Shut up, stop the politics and power plays, concentrate on your jobs and win this war. Then disappear in shame. What we need going forward is new leadership with a new approach. We need leaders who will never, ever become complacent, who will prioritize national security above and beyond all other considerations, and who will strive to keep us alive, in peace, in our land. Speedily and in our day.