IDF in Jibalya
IDF in JibalyaIDF Spokesperson
Israel remains in full military control of Gaza.
The Palestinian Authority had control in 2005. That failed.
Israel will not let that happen again.
Hamas initiated a military coup, killing the Palestinian Authority officials and members, throwing some off rooftops, and Hamas has been in power since 2007. The Gazans elected them again. That failed as well.
Israel will not let that happen again.
Any other Arab-Muslim rule in Gaza, regardless of the name or countries, will be another genocidal Hamas rule, just with a different name.
Israel will not let that happen.
The only solution that provides security to Israelis to ensure that another Oct. 7th massacre never happens again is with Israel remaining in full security control of all of Gaza.
Israel resettles Jewish communities throughout Gaza, as we lived there thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago, a hundred years ago, and 30 years ago. It's time to make Gaza Jewish again. The experiment of allowing self-rule of Arabs in Gaza has failed.
And, as @idsfisrael Amir Avivi constantly explains militarily, the only way a military can provide security properly is with a civilian presence of that military force.
What about the Arab Muslims in Gaza?
All Arab Muslims in Gaza who understand how blessed they are to live in the Jewish state of Israel can be given citizenship.
All Arab Muslims in Gaza who support killing Jews and destroying the Jewish state of Israel leave to live in countries that agree with their antismitic jihadi ideology. There are plenty of them across the Middle East. We don't want anyone living with us that wants to kill us and destroy our country.
And anyone who cares about the humanitarian situation of the Arab Muslims in Gaza, blame everyone but Israel.
- Blame Hamas for using them as human shields as part of their war strategy.
- Blame Egypt for keeping the Rafah border with Egypt closed, forbidding Arab Muslims in Gaza to escape the war zone to safer areas.
- Blame the Biden/Blinken policies of forcing them to remain in the Gaza war zone, instead of forcing Egypt to open up the border and allow them to escape to safer areas.
If Biden/Blinken truly cared about them, then just as the countries arond the world took in Ukranian refugees so that they could leave the Ukranian war zone, and just as countries took in Syrian refugees so that they could leave the Syrian war zone, so too they would have supported the Arab Muslims in Gaza leaving the war zone. But they didn't and they haven't.
So, don't they dare blame Israel for the plight of the Arab Muslims in Gaza, as they ignore the best solution to protect them, forcing Egypt to open up the border and let them leave the war zone!
It is time people start reading beyond the headlines and understand how anti-Israel the Biden/Blinken administration really is, hijacking the war in Gaza to push a destructive, dangerous and failed two-state solution, instead of actually looking our for the best safety and security of Arab Muslims in Gaza as well as for the Jews in Israel.

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