David Cameron
David CameronREUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron sent a message to be read at the Saturday night rally calling for the return of the hostages.

"Today we renew our call for the release of all hostages, who were taken when Hamas carried out the deadliest attack on the Jewish people since the holocaust," he said.

"Our message is clear: Hamas must release every single hostage immediately.

He added, "The UK has said that the fastest way to end the conflict, and bring the hostages home, is to secure a deal which gets the hostages out and allows for a pause in the fighting in Gaza. That pause must turn into a sustainable, permanent ceasefire and a new plan for Gaza to ensure that this never happens again."

"The Prime Minister and I have recently met again with the families of some of the hostages. They continue to demonstrate incredible courage in the most unimaginably difficult circumstances. It is utterly inhumane to extend their agony.

"I am pleased that the Ambassador is with you today and I would like to send you this message: The UK stands in solidarity with the victims. We stand with the families. We condemn terrorism and we say again: Bring them home now!"