Footage of the incident
Footage of the incidentCourtesy

An enraged pro-Palestinian mob that recognized a tourist who was walking with his daughter in the city of Bruges in Belgium brutally attacked him.

When pro-Palestinians noticed that Amnon Ohana (64) and his daughter Shira (29) were removing an anti-Israel sticker that had been pasted on a wall at the train station, they attacked the father by kicking and punching him in the face. Even after the two managed to escape to the floor below, one of the attackers continued to chase the father, knocking him to the floor and continuing to kick him. in front of the cameras. The father and daughter's calls for help from passers-by were not answered.

After the severe attack, Ohana was taken to a local hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken jaw.

Ohana filed a complaint with the local police against the attackers, but according to him, he got the feeling that the Belgian police "doesn't want to deal with them" even though part of the attack was recorded on security cameras.

The Chairman of the European Jewish Association (EJA) Rabbi Menachem Margolin condemned the attack and called on the Belgian police chief to bring the attackers to justice and define the attack as an anti-Semitic and racist hate crime. "It is no longer just verbal violence or spitting but real physical attacks that can end in disaster. Don't wait for us to be murdered to understand that you must act more decisively against the troublemakers. Today it is against Jews and tomorrow the incited mob will attack anyone who looks western in their eyes" Rabbi Margolin warned and pointed out that it is impossible for a western country that claims to be a country of law like Belgium, not to act for the immediate arrest of the anti-Semitic attackers and refrain from immediate enforcement action to exhaust the full severity of the law against them."