Miriam Chana
Miriam Chanaצילום: Bar Family

1-year-old Miriam Chana’s parents watched nervously over doctors’ shoulders as they entered a port into her heart. The doctors assured them that this was a routine procedure and that she would be fine.

Suddenly, the monitors began to shriek and turn red. Tiny Miriam Chana had lost consciousness. Her parents were sent out of the room. Shaking, they held each other and prayed.

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Right now, Miriam Chana Bar is fighting for her life. She is suffering from cancer and has four large tumors on her kidneys. Two weeks ago, the Bars flew to America to save their daughter. They are now at the Sloan Kettering Treatment Center in Manhattan.

As of now, Miriam Chana’s treatments have been put on hold because the Bars can’t afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to move forward. Mother Sara Bar is a nurse, and father Yona is the manager of a store - They are a family of simple means who never dreamed they would be in this situation. Now that Miriam Chana is in the ICU, the need is more urgent than ever.

Every minute counts. Donations are being urgently collected to cover the treatments to save Miriam Chana’s life.