GazaIDF Spokesperson

Arab states are demanding an Israeli declaration accepting a two-solution as a condition for them to join a multinational peacekeeping force that the United States administration wants to build to control the Gaza Strip, Kan News reported.

This is one of several conditions the Arab states have put in front of the Americans.

They also demand an American declaration and action to express support for a Palestinian state and that the Arab force in Gaza will be led by the US whose representatives will be part of it.

In the past, President Biden has declared that no American troops will enter Gaza.

The Financial Times reported that Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Morocco, are considering the American initiative for a multinational force to control the Gaza Strip.

One Western official told the Financial Times, "Arab states have said it should be US-led so the US is trying to work out how it can lead it without having boots on the ground. Three Arab states have had initial discussions, including Egypt, the UAE, and Morocco, but they would want the US to recognize a Palestinian state first."