Manhattan's Upper East Side
Manhattan's Upper East SideiStock

The windows of a popular kosher restaurant in New York City's Upper East Side were smashed by vandals following anti-Israel protests early Wednesday morning, the New York Post reported.

The front window of the Rothschild TLV restaurant was smashed overnight, chef Guy Kairi told the Post. Kairi blamed the vandalism on anti-Israel protesters who targeted the restaurant on Tuesday.

“There were people passing by yesterday saying bad things, things like, ‘No wonder this place is empty, free Palestine,’" Kairi said.

Another Israeli-owned business, the Nuts Factory candy store, also had its windows shattered overnight.

The Combat Antisemitism Movement stated, "Jewish-owned businesses in New York were targeted in a cowardly rampage last night. Windows at Rothschild TLV and the Nuts Factory in Manhattan's Upper East Side were smashed. These spiteful attacks must be swiftly prosecuted as the hate crimes they are."

Users on X posted pictures of the shattered window and compared the incident to Kristallnacht.

Multiple kosher and Jewish-owned restaurants in Manhattan have been targeted by anti-Israel activists since the Hamas massacre of October 7.

Two weeks ago, the owner of the ZiZi restaurant, found two swastikas spray painted on the restaurant’s outdoor dining shed.

In December, Hummus Kitchen, a kosher restaurant on the Upper East Side owned by the same person as Zizi, saw two incidents within a few days of each other. During the first incident, a woman tore down an American-Israeli flag and threw soup at a restaurant employee. A few days later another woman attempted to cover up the flag displayed outside the eatery and shoved an employee, four days after the original incident.