Yossi Dagan with IDF soldiers
Yossi Dagan with IDF soldiersSpokesman

Head of the Samaria Council, Yossi Dagan, ordered to immediately block the entrance of an Arab worker to the Barkan industrial zone, after he shared inciting posts on social media to murder Jews and posed for a photo waving an M16 gun in the air.

After receiving the post from right-wing activist Ayelet Lash, Dagan consulted with the Council's security officers and ordered to immediately check the matter and block the Arab’s entry into the Barkan industrial zone. When he arrived at the entrance to the industrial zone, it was blocked, and he was arrested by the police.

Dagan commented: "What used to be, will not be anymore, zero patience for instigators and supporters of Nazi terror. Anyone who takes pictures with raised weapons, and posts incitement to murder Jews on social networks, is inhuman, is a Nazi and scum of the worst kind."

He added: "I'm sorry that something like this had to come from a civil agency. I really hope we haven't returned to the concept of October 6th, when an enemy takes a picture with a weapon and says he intends to murder Jews, and we ignore him. It's time we believe him and not wait for him to carry out the attack, so that we will be left cry with the bereaved families."