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Walid Saadaoui, 36, and Amar Hussein, 50, were brought to court and charged with offences of terrorism, over an alleged plan for a gun attack against the Jewish community in the north-west of England between 13 December 2023 and 9 May 2024, according to a BBC report.

Saadaoui and Hussein entered no plea when they were brought in custody at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Saadaoui's 35-year-old brother Bilel pleaded not guilty to failing to disclose information about the alleged plans.

The court heard the claims that Saadaoui and Hussein intended to target "the Jewish community in the North West of England and members of both law enforcement and military" and was told that the two were accused of plotting an attack aimed to cause "multiple fatalities using automatic weapons".

According to prosecutor Rebecca Waller, the alleged plan had been inspired by the Islamic State group.

Hussein was assisted by an Arabic interpreter, but was not represented by a lawyer.

When the judge asked him whether he wanted to apply for bail, he said: "Do whatever you want."

The men were silent other than when they spoke to confirm their identities.

Angelo Saponiere, Saadaoui’s defense lawyer, said his client was a "family man" and he had not known of the alleged plans.

District judge Louisa Ciecóra remanded all the men in custody and sent the case to be heard at the Old Bailey on 24 May.

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Potts said that this case is "understandably distressful and it could have a significant impact on the communities within the Greater Manchester area, and further out. "Ensuring safety for everyone in our region, irrespective of their religion or race, is paramount. We've collaborated closely with community groups and stakeholders to address concerns, and we're committed to ongoing communication as we actively respond to feedback. The steps we've taken stem from a thorough, meticulously conducted investigation. At this point in time, we don't perceive any broader threat to public safety related to this matter," he concluded.

Saadaoui's 35-year-old brother Bilel, was tearful as he pleaded not guilty to failing to disclose information about the alleged plans.