From the Children's Home to the President's Home
From the Children's Home to the President's HomeCourtesy of the photgrapher

Today, on the 76th Independence Day of the State of Israel, soldier Michelle Marahsin was awarded a Presidential Medal of Excellence on behalf of the Air Force.

Michelle grew up in Emunah Bet Elazraki Children’s Home, under the management of Yehuda and Rikki Kohn, since she was a young child. Even when she was little, Michelle knew how to set big goals for herself and always managed to achieve them, thanks to willpower, innate skills, and a lot of investment and support from everyone around her in the Home.

After successfully completing her studies in elementary and high school, Michelle participated in the "Tachals" project, through which she enlisted in the Air Force. As with every task she took on, also within the framework of her military service, she was determined to contribute her skills and invest in meaningful action.

Today, in a ceremony at the President's home, where she is one of 120 outstanding individuals, Michelle reaps the fruits of success. This exceptional young woman is living proof that anyone can accomplish what they set their mind to. She is an example to all, and proves that even if the road is full of bumps, it is possible to achieve greatness.

Michelle, the President's Honoree on behalf of the Air Force, brings enormous pride to her large family at Bet Elazraki. The eyes of all the girls and boys in the Home are looking at her with admiration, and the hearts of the team that raised her are filled with pride and joy.