Mark Meckler
Mark MecklerConvention of States

During Donald Trump’s presidency, the liberal establishment made it a habit of lecturing him about how his actions were detrimental to America’s reputation abroad.

“Four years of neglect, unilateralism, and failed diplomacy have left America’s alliances in tatters,” fretted Pete Buttigieg. “Indeed, among all of Trump’s foreign-policy legacies, none may be more consequential than the damage he has done to America’s standing, influence, and power in the world by weakening the system of partnerships and alliances the country has created and relied on for decades.”

Then, in order to “reverse the damage,” those same liberal elites elected a senile houseplant who barely knew his own name and would betray America’s allies at the whim of an undisciplined mob of antisemites on college campuses: President Biden — a man who, according to a fawning new book, was entrusted with saving “America’s global future” — has proved once and for all that he cannot be trusted as an ally, genuflecting before the Iranian regime, Hamas terrorists, and fringe lunatic radicals and abandoning Israel when under the slightest pressure to do so.

In a recent interview with CNN, Biden issued a warning, stating that the United States would withhold military aid to Israel if it entered Rafah, the final stronghold of Hamas in Gaza, in order to eliminate the terrorist organization. In other words, after seven months of fighting, the Jewish state must choose between ending the war (defeating Hamas) and maintaining American support.

Certainly, for the Israelis and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, allowing the terrorists to escape is simply not an option. Indeed, a defiant Netanyahu fired back, “We are determined, and we are united to defeat our enemy and those who seek our destruction. If we have to stand alone, we will stand alone.”

Nevertheless, losing U.S. support may prove costly — a steep price that falls squarely on Joe Biden’s shoulders.

Imagine, after thousands of lives lost, hemming in the death-dealing extremists who slaughtered your people, raped your women, and kidnapped civilians (both Israelis and Americans), simply to be informed by your “ally” that you cannot finish them off — that you must deal leniently with the enemy because the president is afraid of a few unhinged protestors. It’s more than just madness — it’s evil.

Complete and utter evil.

Already, Biden is refusing to give smart bombs — highly targeted munitions — to the Israelis. This will require that they use less accurate technology; thus, there will be much more collateral damage, and more civilians will die. That blood will be on Joe Biden’s hands.

Of course, the media will try to defend this betrayal as some sort of shrewd act of diplomacy. But we all know better: Biden has gone beyond the middle and now is aiding and abetting a known terrorist organization because he is weak, pathetic, and completely immoral.

Naturally, Hamas and Iran are celebrating Joe Biden’s surrender. After all, he has made it easier for them to wage their Nazi-like war on the world. Moreover, he has signaled to the world that the U.S. can no longer be counted on to defend its allies or resist its enemies. Sadly, we should not be surprised if other terrorist groups interpret this cowardice as a green light to redouble their efforts against Israel — or even America itself.

So much for saving America’s global future, Joe.

Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama, once judged that Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Biden’s presidency allowed him to elevate that stupidity to new heights, as he has virtually unfettered authority. Now, after a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, a war in Ukraine, the horrors of October 7, and a stab in the back to Israel — not to mention the collapse of our own border — we can only imagine the free fall that would occur during a second Biden term.

This president has abandoned our allies in Hong Kong, Afghanistan, and Israel. He has abandoned the American people. As a country, we cannot be trusted. Our enemies are emboldened, our military has been weakened, our allies are scrambling to find new alliances, and we will pay the price in blood and treasure for generations to come.

In short, Joe Biden is a weak and evil man who cannot tell good from evil — and he, not Trump, is responsible for wrecking America’s reputation, power, and influence abroad.