MDA Paramedic Oshrit Hadad, 22 years old from Netivot who is based in the Ashdod station, headed out on the morning of October 7 to treat casualties, and along with MDA teams set up a field hospital at Shuva Junction, where, while risking their own lives, they treated dozens of casualties over many hours: “There was a seriously injured soldier, he grabbed my hand and asked me to say the “Shema Yisrael” prayer with him,” *said Oshrit.*

Oshrit was a close friend of Amit Man Z”L, the MDA Paramedic murdered by terrorists as she treated casualties in Kibbutz Be’eri. “I miss everything about her, simply the person she was, she was a very special person,” *said Oshrit*. “I made a decision, that every life that I will save, every patient I attend to, and every person who I am able to help, I’ll be doing it in memory of Amit.”

*Oshrit will represent Magen David Adom’s 35,000 staff and volunteers, and will be lighting the Emergency Services ceremonial torch on Israel’s 76th Independence Day.*

Zaki Heller

MDA Spokesperson