On the eve of Yom Hazikaron, Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon, chairman of the Sulamot Foundation, spoke with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about the Torah learning projects for the elevation of the souls of the departed.

"We are privileged to learn Mishnayot with innocent children, children whose father or brother, heroes of Israel, fell during the Swords of Iron War," says Rabbi Rimon.

This year, Sulamot decided to expand the learning both in study circles and in scope. "We are recording the entire Masechet Taanit so that children can learn it together with us for the elevation of the souls of all those fallen in battle, may the LORD remember them, as well as for the healing of the injured and, with God's help, for the return of the hostages and captured, swiftly, in our days, in good health of mind and body."

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Rabbi Rimon shares how he feels about the learning and the connection with the bereaved families, "To learn with these children gives me a lot of strength. This year I spent the Seder night with 400 widows, orphans, siblings, and bereaved families, it was very very moving. On the one hand, it's hard, on the other hand, you see, thank God, how much strength there is in the people of Israel and how much strength we have together, and when we are together suddenly you see it's hard but there's hope and there's a future, together we will succeed and together, with God's help, we will prevail."

An additional project of Sulamot makes the learning of Mishnayot accessible for adults as well. "Running Together in Their Memory is a special project, it's not just for children, we want all of Israel, in the country, in the world - every one - to be partners together. We want to study for the elevation of the souls of all those beloved holy ones who were killed for the sanctity of God, we ask everyone to join.''

"The project, together with the Association of Orthodox Synagogues, with Rabbi Shmuel Slotki whose two sons - Noam and Yishai, may the LORD remember them - heroes who saved many on Simchat Torah, together we will study and follow all six orders of the Mishnah, and together help in the elevation of their souls and strengthen the people of Israel. When we are together the Holy One is with us and no one can defeat us".

Rabbi Rimon explains that people from all segments of Israeli society partake in the project, religious, secular, and haredi. "A soldier told me, it's just a pity Hamas had to teach me that we are one family - learning together, caring for each other, looking out for each other. It's ok to think differently, but only from genuine love can we, with God's help, aid in building our wonderful state.''

Galit Weizel, the wife of the late Elkana who fell in the Gaza Strip, also joined Arutz Sheva - Israel National News, along with her two children. "This is the most meaningful thing, this is what keeps us going - continuing the Torah of Elkana, certainly with the help of his children. This is the most joyful and most healing thing there is.''

Weizel also referred to the 'Running Together in Their Memory' project and noted: "I'm glad they could learn Mishnayot for the elevation of Elkana's soul. I'm sure it pleases him very much in heaven and gives great pleasure, both to him and to the other soldiers.''

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