Antisemitism at Eurovision host city
Antisemitism at Eurovision host cityChannel 12 News
“Deport these idiots and send them to Iran or Gaza.” This is not said by a conservative, but by Caitlyn Jenner, the most famous transgender athlete. After all, there is a demand for human resources in Tehran: public hangings have tripled and the ayatollahs kill one every five hours.
However, I have a better proposal, given that they repeat that "woke does not exist" and that it is just moral panic spread by white cisgender males in a heteronormative and Islamophobic world, let's take them up on it. Let's invite Hamas to the next Eurovision, so that the “LGBTQH” (where “h” stands for Hamas) will be happy.
Edward Gibbon and Oswald Spengler were wrong: the decline of civilization does not come from the barbarians who overwhelm Rome, but from the "Queers for Palestine".
The “Queers for Palestine”, who resemble the Pastafarians but you can find them almost everywhere,invited artists to withdraw from Eurovision due to the presence of the Israeli singer.
So my solution that could satisfy the “Queers for Palestine” is to let Hamas participate with a song in Eurovision. Five guys with beards singing “La Ilaha Illallah” for two minutes.
OK, let's be serious. The matter is certainlly serious. Corinne Blackmer wrote an essay on Tablet explaining that there is an alliance between LGBT, left and Islamists that has knocked out universities.
It's called civilizational suicide and it runs faster than my irony.
Meanwhile, Boston University has just hosted “the first Queer Food Conference”. Participants paid $45 each to discuss “queer food” and analyze “food spaces” from “queer, Marxist, feminist and anti-colonialist perspectives.”
At Stanford students dressed like Hamas terrorists.
An open-air asylum: this is the world in which our woke elites live.
The mini-Gazas that have sprung up in universities across America, Holland, England, Belgium, France and Italy look like summer camps. It seems that they will accept a double degree with the Grand Mosque of Cairo. Yes to the muezzin in the headquarters of the universities. And the naming of a classroom after Yahya Sinwar, leader of Hamas.
Okay, I am joking.
But a large banner reading "Welcome to the People's University for Palestine" was indeed put up in Oxford, mindful of the "people's democracies ” of communist Europe. Why not installing a television in every classroom in Oxford to broadcast live the debates of the Iranian Parliament?
While waiting for the next Eurovision with Hamas, we can enjoy the spectacle of the white and fluid students who submit to Allah on the campuses of America gone bad.
Iran has (really) offered asylum to Western students suspended for occupying universities.
An Arab activist went to Auschwitz, while fellow demonstrators raised slogans against Shoah survivors at the entrance to the extermination camp, the graveless tomb of a million European Jews. “If Allah wills, we will get rid of you and you will return to the camps” he says, filming himself. “Long live Abu Obaidah”. Obaidah is one of the leaders of Hamas who today wants to complete the work of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who allied himself with Hitler and visited the extermination camps.
Next year then, together with having Abu Obaydah sing at Eurovision, we might invite Khamenei to Auschwitz: he could draw inspiration for his "final solution". Then the West will be really inclusive.