Netanyahu and Ben-Gvir
Netanyahu and Ben-GvirYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The cabinet on Thursday discussed humanitarian aid to Gaza.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir claimed that Israel should immediately stop letting trucks carrying aid into the Gaza Strip. "We are both eating the smelly fish and are being kicked out of town. We aren't stopping to supply aid, and there are complaints against us now and they are stopping to send us arms."

He added: "I propose that we now have an opportunity to reduce aid, as long as our hostages aren't being treated humanely. We need to talk to the Americans respectfully, but we need to make it clear to them that if we're being sanctioned then there will be less aid."

Minister Bezalel Smotrich replied to Ben-Gvir mockingly: "Speak respectfully like your Tweet?" (referring to Ben-Gvir's post on X in which he wrote: "Hamas ❤️ Biden"). Ben-Gvir retorted: "I actually was very gentle relative to what most Israelis think of the unprecedented conduct." Minister of Intelligence Gila Gamliel said cynically: "He's even romantic, he added a heart."

At this point, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laughed as Ben-Gvir remarked: "There should be more Tweets like that, I expect you all to join me. There is support for what I said, not only from Trump, who said very important things, but also from some of the Democrats."

Minister Gadi Eisenkot commented: "You should take a deep breath and give a lot of respect for the President of the United States." Ben-Gvir retorted: "And we should send a message that in the US there is a majority that opposes Biden."