fieldsFlash 90

We pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded and Hashem's protection for the soldiers and citizens of Israel.

אנו מתפללים להחלמה מהירה של הפצועים ולשמירתם של ה' על חיילי ואזרחי ישראל.

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Parashat Kedoshim
Presented By: Rav Moshe Davis Written by: Shilo Hagar

In Parashat Kedoshim, the mitzvah of Orlah is explained.

What is the special connection between the pepper tree and the Land Of Israel?

The Land of Israel is like the pepper tree where the tree and its fruit have the same taste. This gives a sense of pleasantness not only in the end, but also in the means.

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Gemara: Moed Katan 25a
Presented By: Avrum Leeder Written by: Nachshon Vered

The Gemara in Moed Katan teaches that Rabbi Abba eulogized Rav Huna: He was worthy of having the Shechina rest upon him, but did not since he lived outside the Land of Israel.

Why is the Shechina manifest only in the Land of Israel?

Since material things in the Land of Israel can be elevated to a level of sanctity, bodily purity can be achieved. Then the imaginative faculty can be purified as well which allows experiencing the manifestation of the Shechina.

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