Miriam Chana
Miriam Chanaצילום: Bar Family

Sara Bar is a nurse at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem. In the field herself for many years, she had faith in the Israeli medical system. This year, that faith was crushed.

Sara’s one-year-old baby Miriam Chana was diagnosed with cancer after four malignant tumors were found on her kidneys. She underwent six excruciating rounds of chemotherapy, which tragically had no effect. Next, doctors gave her the news that would shock the Bar Family to their core: They were unable to help.

Instead of operating on Miriam Chana themselves, Israeli doctors urged the Bars to fly to America as soon as possible, so that she could receive surgery at the Sloane Kettering Center in Manhattan. The Bars packed their bags and flew across the world to save their little girl’s life.

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Now waiting in the hospital, American doctors are ready to operate on Miriam Chana to remove the tumors. The surgery, however, has been put off: The Bar Family can’t afford the $250,000 fee. Surviving off of a nurse and store manager’s salary, the sum is far beyond their means.

Sara Bar has opened a crowdfunding page where she begs the public and global Jewish community to save her daughter’s life. Donations are slowly trickling in, but their goal is still far off. They will not be able to operate on Miriam Chana until they reach their goal.