Heat wave (illustrative)
Heat wave (illustrative)iStock

Following unseasonably rainy and chilly weather at the beginning of the week, temperatures began to warm, and with temperatures peaking on Friday before dropping again over the weekend.

Thursday will be clear or partly cloudy, with a significant rise in temperatures, and the weather will be warmer and drier than usual for the season. The rising temperatures will lead to heavier heat throughout Israel, with the heat becoming moderate to heavy in eastern Israel.

Friday will be partly cloudy. Temperatures will rise again, and temperatures will be high in most areas of Israel. In the lowlands and and along the coast, the heat will be moderate to heavy. In the north, Negev, and eastern Israel, the heat will be heavy to extreme. Temperatures will be highest between Beit She'an and the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), and in the southern Dead Sea area.

During the afternoon, the winds will pick up, and cooler air will enter the area. There may be haze in southern Israel.

Saturday will be partly cloudy, and temperatures will drop significantly, returning to seasonal average. There may be light rainfall and haze in various areas throughout the country.