Scene of the attack in Elad
Scene of the attack in EladFlash 90

A year after their conviction, the sentencing of the terrorists who carried out the attack in Elad two years ago has not yet been delivered.

Kan reports that that the Israel Prison Service refuses to bring them to court due to the "security risk" involved.

The IPS argues that bringing them to court poses a risk based on intelligence, among other things, due to the war in Gaza. As a result, the date of their sentencing has been postponed three times already. This is despite the fact that the courts returned to regular and full operation a few months ago.

Sentencing requires the defendants to appear, but given the IPS' refusal to bring them to court - the sentencing that was supposed to be delivered this week has been postponed to September.

During their trial in the District Court in Lod last May, the two terrorists confessed and were convicted of four acts of murder and also attempted murder, severe circumstance terror acts, and infliction of injury under severe circumstances as well as illegal entry into Israel. Upon their conviction, the two terrorists were expected to receive four life sentences and an additional 20 years' imprisonment.

On the eve of the 74th Independence Day, about two years ago, the two Palestinian Arab terrorists As'ad al-Rifa'i, aged 20, and Sabhi Abu Shakir, aged 21, arrived in the city, stabbed the driver who drove them and threw him out of the vehicle.

Immediately afterwards, the two continued on foot in the streets, where they murdered three additional civilians with axes. Afterwards, they fled the scene and were captured after three days of an extensive manhunt by security forces.

The IPS commented that it would only discuss such matters through designated channels.