Earlier this week, IDF and Shin Bet (ISA) forces arrested Muhammad Atallah Abu Alia, 22, on suspicion of involvement in a bomb attack last month in which an IED was attached to a Palestinian Authority flag in the Binyamin region.

A 25-year-old IDF reservist was lightly wounded when the device detonated while he was trying to remove a Palestinian flag planted near the town of Kochav Hashachar.

During his interrogation by the ISA, Alia confessed that he was involved in the building of the explosive and the execution of the attack. During his arrest, materials used to make the IED were seized.

The soldier who was wounded in the attack later told Ynet, "I saw a flag on the left side of the road, we came to take it down, I kicked it - and the flag exploded on me from the side."

"It was a large blast, but luckily I kicked it and the explosion happened on the side and not directly on top of me. I was injured by shrapnel on my hands and that was it. The charge was buried in the ground," he added.