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Defining the current campus crisis :

It is not the question of ‘how to protect free speech’ on campus. It is the question ‘How can such violent hatred of Jewish people hood ( usually termed anti-Semitism) be permitted to run uncontrolled on a college campus, seventy years after the Holocaust ?’

The day after the Oct. Seventh massacre university leaders abandoned their Jewish students to suffering ongoing, violent attacks of anti Jewishness (anti Semitism). Why?

The media and leaders of higher education are hypocritically lying to the public since October 7th. On October 8th they decided to classify ‘the rhetoric of demonstrations supporting the Hamas’s brutal massacre’ as basically ‘a question of free speech concerning the Palestinian problem’.

What they ‘forgot’ to tell the public (till this day) is that close to fifteen years ago, under their efforts to support ‘ DEI-diversity, equity, and inclusiveness’ of minority groups on campus they created the novel category of ‘hate speech’. The progressive rulers of higher education ruled that the former all-inclusive liberal, Supreme Court-backed, principle of free speech now does not include ‘hate speech’. “Hate speech’ is speech that makes oppressed minorities (non-whites, gender identity minorities) feel threatened and uncomfortable on campus.

For example, this principle of ‘outlawing hate speech’ would cancel out the Ku Klux Klan’s (White supremacists’s) civil right for free speech to advocate campus violent, murderous, ethnic-based attacks on Blacks.

Thus, university leaders on October 8th already had in their hands the option to adopt the policy that support for Hamas (cries for resistance, intifada, from the river to the sea, genocide) are grossly anti-Semitic (hate speech against the Jewish peoplehood of their Jewish students) and thus should be banned.

All students and teachers supporting the Oct. 7th massacre, and advocating a Hamas victory, were guilty of hate speech and should be immediately expelled, just as they would be if they supported Ku Klux Klan cries for lynching Blacks , burning Black churches, and confining Blacks to poverty ghettos.

But the university leaders on Oct. 8th made the fateful mistake to classify cries for Hamas victory ( resistance, intifada, from the River to the Sea, genocide – all aimed at the destruction of a Jewish State in the Middle East ) as a ‘free speech protected discussion of the Palestinian Problem.’

The ‘rest is history.’ Academic leaders thus created a situation in which for now six months Jewish students and teacher have bravely had to endure a horrendous, increasing tide of ‘hate speech’ attacking their sense of Jewishness and Jewish peoplehood. (Calls such as ‘From the River to the Sea’ are undisputedly calls for both the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel , and thus the inevitable destruction of the Jewish People).On Oct. 8th academic leaders abandoned their Jewish students to a never ending tide of ‘hate speech’.

The principle of ‘free speech’ on campus can and should be protected, within the law, and discussion of criticisms of current Israeli policy should be allowed.

Despite my disagreement with the following criticisms of Israeli policy, I believe that the following criticisms are legitimate (incorrect but legitimate), and seminars, speeches, demonstrations and marches that express these criticisms are protected by the principle of free speech and should be allowed on campus

These (incorrect but) legitimate criticisms include: 1) a call for an immediate ceasefire, given the great amount of civilian dislocation and suffering in Gaza ; 2) a call for a dramatic, immediate increase in humanitarian aid 3)calls for Israel to conduct military operations in a manner that would significantly lessen civilian deaths; 4) a call for a Two State solution to the Israel-Palestinian historic conflict; and 5) raising the question of suffering and social justice concerning the status of the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria.

As a conservative Jewish nationalist I have distinct opinions on these questions, but I am happy and willing to freely debate them with those whose political philosophy is different.

The above positions should be openly discussed on campus and should be protected by the principle of free speech.

However , ‘hate speech’ against Jews and Israel, must be immediately stamped out and proponents immediately expelled

Thus what constitutes ‘hate speech’ against Jews and the Jewish people? There is only one acceptable, legitimate answer:

1. All calls supporting Hamas, and condoning violent opposition to, and destruction of, the Jewish State, and thus expulsion of the Jewish people, from the Land of Israel constitute unadulterated hate speech . Seventy years after the principled, racist annihilation of six million European Jews such hate speech must be unequivocally forbidden.

Unfortunately, this is not the current policy of DEI progressive academics on campus, and thus campus Jews are surrounded by anti Jewish hate .

2. The hypocritical emptiness of the excuse “I hate Zionists, but I do not hate Jews”

Seventy years after the Holocaust, when now over half of the worlds Jews are residents of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel, any attempt to argue “I am anti Zionist, I am opposed to a Jewish state in Arabs Lands, but I am not anti Semitic, I do not hate Jews as individuals’ must be regarded as total, complete hogwash –a horrible, dangerous falsehood.

It has to be obvious, that in today’s historic context, the destruction of the Jewish State , with its seven million Jews, would in reality mean the historic death of the Jewish People as a whole. The Jewish People cannot possibly survive the combined lose of six million people, and destruction of an independent Jewish state in a single hundred year period. And a person who will not acknowledge the evil of such an historic tragedy is unforgivably blinded by a hateful ideology.

To my dear, liberal Jewish friends in America, the Hamas is the Islamic version of the Ku Klux Klan.

All my liberal Jewish family and friends in America are very loving people, staunchly support causes of social justice, and are committed to trying to understand ’both sides of the story’. But as an American Jew , now living over forty years in Israel, I think my liberal friends need my help to understand the awesome reality of the Hamas and the Iranian Islamic threat to Israel and to whole Middle East in general.

Liberal friends, the only way to understand the threat of Hamas to the Jewish people and the Jewish state is to compare the intensity of Hamas’ hate to that of the hate of the Ku Klux Klan . The Hamas is not a liberation movement of the Palestinian Arabs interested in finding an internationally accepted modus vivendi with the Israeli Jewish state.

Hamas is instead a Islamic, jihadist prodigy of the Iranian Islamic Revolution whose aim is to eradicate any non-Islamic presence (particularly a Jewish presence) in the Mid East. Just as Iran promises to destroy the little Satan of the Jewish State, so does its prodigy the Hamas. To ‘get taste of Islamic hatred’ please remember that during the Oct. Seventh massacre Hamas terrorists would take the cell phone of their Oct. Seventh victims, call the victims' parents and relatives, and show them how they are burning, mutilating and raping their relatives ‘on live time’. These are not the acts of ‘resistance- freedom fighters’. These are the acts of satanic Islamic jhadists.

And these are the same type of hate crimes that the Ku Klux Klan did to Southern Blacks for over a hundred years. The Ku Klu Klan did not want to live in country with free, independent Blacks. The Hamas does not want to live in a Middle East populated by free independent Jews.

(Historical foot note: the Ku Klux Klan was the racist “Resistance Movement’ of American Southern white supremacists from 1870 to 1970, attacking and suppressing the Southern Black population.)

By comparing the Hamas to the Ku Klux Klan my liberal friends can more fully understand the hate speech of the campus Hamas supporters.

The following slogans and chants of the campus Hamas supporters blatantly cry out the hate speech Jewish students are now threatened by.

1) ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ is clarion call for the destruction of the current independent Jewish state of Israel-existing in its indigenous homeland- between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Ocean. This is hate speech not free discussion speech. This is the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan demonstrating on campus and chanting “Send all American Blacks back to Africa. Certainly the university would protect Black students against such hate speech, and expel the students shouting it. So the tragic question cries out, why do the universities not protect Jewish students against similar hate speech advocating the expulsion and destruction of Jewish communities.

2) Israel commits genocide is simply a chant recalling a thousand years of Christian blood libels (accusing Jews of killing Christian children to use their blood to make Passover matzah). Yes, innocent Palestinian Arab civilians have died in Israel’s war of self defense. But where were these same Hamas demonstrators when ten yes ago, the Assad Syrian regime –with the help of Russian planes- murdered between 300,000 to 500,00 Syrian civilians in a civil war, (check Wikipedia) less than a hundred miles away from the Gaza Strip. Why did not the campus Hamas supporters not then chant genocide against the Assad regime?

The simple answer is that Hamas supporters chant ‘genocide’ simply because they hate Jews and the Jewish state. If the Ku Klux Klan would march on campus shouting an equivalent blood libel, “Black men love to rape white women’ or “Black men spread syphilis’ the university would immediately protect Black students and expel such demonstrators. Again, the tragic question cries out: why does the university not protect Jewish students from the false, blood libel of ‘genocide?

3)Intifada, Intifada, global resistance are outright chants demanding a thousand more Oct. 7th brutal and cruel massacres of innocent Jews in cold blood. If this does not constitute hate speech , I do not know what does. Again I ask, if the Ku Klux Klan would march on campus chanting “Lynch all Blacks. Hang the Blacks from the campus lamposts’ the university would protect the Black students and expel the demonstrators.. Again the tragic question cries out, why will the university not similarly protect Jewish students from similar calls for indiscriminate violence against the Jewish people ?

So why do DEI progressive academics not protect Jewish students?

This question deserves an entire article. But I will answer it in a few sentences because the above article shouts out the question.

One, according to the catechism of DEI, post colonial progressivism the category of ‘victimized , oppressed’ social groups (in our case, Palestinian Arabs and Blacks) deserve a maximum level of ‘morality of social protection’, while the social category of ‘victimizers, oppressors’ ( in our case Whites, and Jews) deserve a minimal level of ‘morality of social protection’. Thus DEI progressives believe that the current reality that the universities should protect Blacks against ‘hate speech’, and not protect Jews against similar hate speech, actually constitutes the epitome of social justice.

And Jewish students pay 50,000 dollars a year in tuition to ‘learn’ this immoral nonsense.

Two, the saddest and truest reason, is that after a 70 year, post Holocaust hibernation anti-Semitism is returning to its ‘normal place’ in human society. Anti Semitism has returned to being the norm, and not the exception, of three thousand years of human and Jewish history. What Jewish students are now experiencing on campus is exactly what most Jews have experienced throughout most of human history

I write this article with tears in my eyes

In the America of my youth and early adulthood I encountered virtually no anti-Semitism. My four years at Cornell University, from 1965-69, was a period of tremendous, positive self growth, learning and friendships.

And to now see how anti Jewish, DEI progressivism has taken over the university that I so much loved and cherished, and is taking over the healthy liberalism of the Democratic Party that I then idealized, simply breaks my heart and makes me cry.

All I can say is that May G-d give strength to His People, May G-d bless His People with Peace.

I have a strong feeling that most pro-Hamas campus demonstrators know very little about the Israeli–Arab conflict, and the little that they do know has been learned from strongly pro-Left, progressive teachers.

Thus I have no choice but to make this a-historical comparison in order to graphically get to ‘the heart of the matter’.

The Ku Klux Klan was a powerful, violent white supremacist – anti Black populist organization that operated primarily for thirty years after the Civil War in the former Southern states of the Confederacy in order to re subjugate the Black population (after their liberation from slave status with the end of the Civil war) and impose a harsh, discriminatory, second class status of ‘segregation’ on all Blacks in the American South. It indiscriminately used violence and hate against the Blacks , and succeeded in imposing such segregation. The Ku Klux Klan enjoyed a ‘second life’ in the 1950 ‘and 1960’s in the South when opposing the civil desegregation efforts of the Federal Government.

The Ku Klux Klan has thus become a ‘historical metaphor’ for racial hatred and violence against Black People.

And the same is true with regard to Hamas. It is a violent movement motivated by hatred to the Jewish people

Hamas is not a ‘liberation movement interested in finding a international compromise agreement between two indigenous national liberation movements, that of the Jewish people (Zionism), and that of the Palestinian Arabs. Far from it.

Dr. Chaim C. Cohen, whose PhD. is from Hebrew U., is a social worker and teacher at the Hebrew Univ. School of Social Work, and Efrata College. He lives in Psagot, Binyamin.