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Esther Greitzer, a 95-year-old Holocaust survivor, died Sunday night, on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Greitzer was taken to Auschwitz together with Hungary's other Jews, and suffered "medical experiments" which left her unable to have children.

"Despite this, she married Gershon, and she lived a happy life, full of love, activity, and giving," her nephew Yochai Greenglick wrote.

Greitzer's funeral will be held Monday, at the Haifa cemetery.

In a Facebook post, Greenglick noted, "Since she did not have children, we were like her grandchildren - despite the fact that we were her sister's great-grandchildren. Unfortunately there will be no 'shiva' (traditional week of mourning) - she has no children and her siblings have all passed away. There will be only a funeral."

"If you are in the Haifa area and want to pay last respects to a heroic and noble Holocaust survivor, the funeral will be at 2:00p.m., at the Oren Gate of the Haifa cemetery."