Amit Segal
Amit SegalTomer Neuberg/Flash90

Channel 12 News commentator, Amit Segal, spoke about the Israeli debate regarding the hostage deal and the political dilemma Israel is facing, and claims that Hamas – at no point – would agree to a deal that does not include a complete ending to the war.

"Sometimes things are much simpler than they seem. Hamas has not revoked its demand, even for a single moment since November, that the next hostage will be released when Israel ends the war. We, as is typical of the Ashkenazi community, have deceived ourselves. We told ourselves fables, fought, demonstrated in the streets. This exists only in our heads," said Segal.

He added that "I believe that we fear that we will think we are deceiving them – and they will think they are deceiving us – and they are usually right. The fear is that the US would come to some agreement with Hamas, and we will tell ourselves that it is possible and everyone will come back, and there will be emotional photographs. Then when we want to return to fighting a Security Council resolution to end the war, that the US will not veto, will fall on us like a bomb."

He believes that the US President has changed his position time and time again, and it is possible that in the end he will trick Israel into an agreement that will play in favor of Hamas. "US President Joe Biden started the war when he promised the families of the hostages and the murdered that they will not stop until Hamas is destroyed. Then he said, ‘we'll bring the hostages back home’ and for that we will agree to a ceasefire. Then he said, ‘It's better to bring the hostages back home, so that there will be a ceasefire. Now he's communicating to the other side, 'We'll agree on things between us. There won't be another war in Rafah.'