William Burns
William BurnsReuters

CIA Director William Burns is traveling to Doha to meet with Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Thani in a bid to salvage the hostage talks with Hamas, the Associated Press reported.

An official said that the talks are "near collapse."

“Burns is on his way to Doha for an emergency meeting with the Qatari prime minister aimed at exerting maximum pressure on Israel and Hamas to continue negotiating," the official added.

The US has been pressing for a deal to free some of the hostages in exchange for a temporary ceasefire to prevent Israel from launching an operation in Rafah, where the final Hamas battalions are gathered. Hamas has repeatedly refused offers called "extremely generous" by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

This afternoon (Sunday), Hamas launched ten rockets from the Rafah area at the Kerem Shalom area on the Israeli border, where a crossing that facilitates the provision of humanitarian aid into Gaza is located. Ten people were wounded in the attack, three seriously.