Lee Kern
Lee KernReuters / courtesy Matt Petit / A.M.P.A.S.

Jewish-British writer and comedian Lee Kern, who is planning on emigrating to Israel, took to social media to express his displeasure with the direction his country has taken in light of the results of the local elections in which many left-wing and Muslim candidates saw great success.

"I’m leaving Britain and moving to Israel. Even if it wasn’t for the antisemitism I’d be leaving. Britain is a dying society. I’ll be fine in Israel. It’s the most dynamic, creative, and positive place I’ve ever been - even though surrounded by Islamic fundamentalist psychopaths who daily try to destroy it," Kern wrote in a post on X.

Turning to his home country, he writes: "You can forget the power of positivity and optimism. It’s become taboo in England. That’s one thing I’ll never understand or make peace with. Britain is a shit hole - but if you try to express positivity, pride, and optimism in the idea of salvaging something good about ourselves and improving things - you’ll be shamed and beaten down by smug, elitist morons who have a stranglehold over our culture - a culture that they have made desperately dull and oppressive. Britain is a place that hates individuals who stick their heads above the parapet, hates self-belief, hates pride, and it hates success."

According to Kern, "Our enemies have contributed to this grim culture of floundering confusion and self-loathing. Useful idiots do the donkey work. And our leadership seems to lack entirely any connection with the grandeur or grand ideas that drive not just a society forward - but a civilization."