The Bibas family at the restaurant
The Bibas family at the restaurantInstagram

Adi Spatz, an Israeli in Italy, published a post on her Instagram account in which she talked about her experience in a small restaurant near Naples.

Her waiter, without knowing much about what's happening in his country, mentioned the name Yarden Bibas, who has spent 210 days in Hamas captivity.

She said the kind waiter asked where she and her family were from, and when she told him they were from Israel. He proudly told her that he has an Israeli friend named Yarden Bibas, who had visited the restaurant with his wife - and since then they have been friends on Instagram.

This waiter knew nothing about the disaster that struck the Bibas family during the October 7th massacre.

"How can it be that not everyone knows?" Spatz wrote in the post. "I will never forget yesterday evening. We sat at a restaurant in a small village near Naples, a restaurant you need to know about to reach it by taking a drive on a dirt road behind the village. We were greeted by a welcoming staff and especially by one charming waiter, the only one who spoke English and accompanied us throughout the meal."

"When he heard we were from Israel, he told us with a proud smile that he has an Israeli friend, Yarden Bibas, who sat here at the restaurant with his wife. Yarden is a wine expert, the waiter explained. While he was here, they talked about wine - they shared professional knowledge and since then they have been friends on Instagram," Spatz wrote.

"For a moment we thought we were dreaming or didn't hear right, we were all in shock," Spatz described. "I thought I hadn't heard right or there was someone else with a similar name, it can't be. A few minutes later the waiter returned to our table with a smile, his mobile phone in hand, and proudly showed me a picture of Shiri Bibas sitting right here in the restaurant, there was no room for doubt, but God, he didn't know."

"It was a terrible moment. The waiter knew nothing about the disaster of this wonderful family. He was unaware of their Holocaust, our Holocaust, crimes against humanity at the worst possible level. We told him everything that happened on October 7 and we were stunned. How can it be that not everyone knows? The pain splits the heart, leaves no air to breathe."

Spatz said she is frustrated by the blindness that exists in the world. "He is educated and speaks English. What does that say about the rest of the population?"

She added, "In the morning the waiter wrote to us stunned that he hadn't calmed down from last night's terrible news and he doesn't even know the extent. Shiri and Yarden were sitting in this wonderful restaurant and so were we. We are all one family."

The post has since gone viral.

The Bibas family was kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz to the Gaza Strip by Hamas terrorists, on the morning of the massacre. Their son Kfir, was nine months old at the time of the massacre, and is the youngest hostage captured to the Strip. The family has been in captivity for over six months. About two months ago, the IDF published a video showing the family members on the day of the abduction.