Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Thursday issued an urgent message of support to Jewish communities around the world in light of the dramatic resurgence in antisemitism and following the hostilities and intimidation against Jewish students on campuses across the US in particular.

In his special broadcast, President Herzog said: "To our sisters and brothers, to our friends on campuses and in Jewish communities across the United States and all over the world, to those who stand by and defend the Jewish people and the state of Israel, to all people of good will: from Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Israel, I say to you: The people of Israel are with you. We hear you. We see the shameless hostility and threats. We feel the insult, the breach of faith and breach of friendship. We share the apprehension and concern."

"We see prominent academic institutions, halls of history, culture, and education contaminated by hatred and antisemitism fueled by arrogance and ignorance, and driven by moral failings and disinformation. We watch in horror as the atrocities of October 7th against Israel are celebrated and justified."

Herzog stressed, "We hear you. We recognize your heroic efforts. We are with you, and we are here for you."

"In the face of violence, harassment and intimidation, as masked cowards smash windows and barricade doors, as they assault the truth and manipulate history, together we stand strong. Together we will continue building a flourishing, life-affirming nation.

"As they chant for intifada and genocide, we will work – together– to free our hostages held by Hamas, and fight for civil liberties and our right to believe and belong, for the right to live proudly, peacefully and securely, as Jews, as Israelis – anywhere."

Noting the timing, the President added, "Next week the Jewish people will mark Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day. We will speak of the dark times of the past, and we will remember the miracle of our rebirth: in our ancient homeland, the Jewish, democratic State of Israel, and throughout the Jewish world."

"Together, we shall overcome.

"In the face of this terrifying resurgence of antisemitism: Do not fear. Stand proud. Stand strong for your freedom. Israel stands with you. Israel cares for you. We care for you. We are here for you.

"We will know better times ahead. And together we will say: Am Yisrael Chai."