During clashes between anti-Israel protesters and pro-Israel counter-protesters on Tuesday night at UCLA in California, one flag held by a counter-protester caught the eye of many.

The bright yellow flag was not that of Israel nor of the PLO, and certainly not the flag of the Hezbollah organization, which is similar in color. Instead, the flag flown by the pro-Israel counter-protester was the yellow "Moshiach" (messiah) flag of the Chabad Hassidic movement.

A video that has gone viral on the internet shows a CBS News reporter's reaction to the flag, which he had never seen before.

"The first I've seen of this, I've never seen this flag before, or this logo. I don't know if that's what this group is. We've been trying to get a clear view of what that says," the reporter pondered aloud to the viewers.

Many on social media were surprised that the reporter was unfamiliar with the flag, as members of the Chabad movement fly it across the world, including all over the US.