Tnuva factory
Tnuva factoryYossi Zeliger/FLASH90

Tnuva, one of Israel's largest dairy companies, on Wednesday morning announced that it would raise the prices of its dairy products and other food products.

The prices of Tnuva's price-controlled dairy products will rise on Thursday. The prices of products which are not price-controlled, as well as Sunfrost, Maadanot, Mama Of, and Tirat Tzvi, products, will be raised beginning on May 16.

Sunfrost product prices will rise an average of 4.5%, while Maadanot prices will rise an average of 4.2%. Mama Of products will rise an average of 9.8%, and Tirat Tzvi products will see an average rise of 4.48%.

In a statement, Tnuva explained, "Tnuva is absorbing, for quite a while - and even more since the start of the war - the rising input costs, including raw materials."

"Despite the significant increase in expenses, the company has made every effort to raise prices gradually. All of the consumer prices are set by the retailers, as they see fit, and without Tnuva's intervention."